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Introduction to Support Coordination

Fee-for-Service System

The New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities is transitioning from a contract-based model of service delivery to a Medicaid-based, fee-for-service model. The fee-for-service model allows for increased flexibility, choice, and expansion of services. Once individuals are determined eligible for DDD services, they are enrolled into one of two waiver programs: The Supports Program or The Community Care Program.

Assessment & Waiver Enrollment

Waiver enrollment is dependent on Medicaid eligibility, DDD eligibility, and completion of the NJ Comprehensive Assessment Tool (NJCAT) which evaluates self-care, behavior, and medical needs. An individual will be enrolled in one of the waiver programs and assigned a “tier” based on the support needs identified in the NJCAT. The tier corresponds to a budget amount used to access needed services. 

Support Coordination Agency Selection

Individuals will complete the DDD Support Coordination Agency Selection Form and will select a first and second choice of approved Support Coordination Agencies (SCA). If at the time of assignment the first and second choice agencies are not open to new consumers in that county the individual will be auto-assigned the next available SCA.

Important to Know

Please be advised that in order to receive Support Coordination Services an individual must first be eligible for services through the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities. For information on eligibility for DDD services, please visit the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities section of our website. For more information on Support Coordination Services, please visit the Support Coordination section of our website. 


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