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DS&A Workplace Culture - What Makes Us Different

Disability Services & Advocacy is a progressive Support Coordination Agency with several advantages, internal structures, and layers of management designed to develop and maintain the success of your career. Our Support Coordination Agency offers employees many desirable features such as: 

  • The Convenience of Working from Home
  • A Modern Internet Platform for Communication & Connectivity
  • A Document Library for Resources & Instruction
  • A Flexible Work Schedule & Flex Time
  • Our Agency Self-Approves Individualized Service Plans
  • Choice of Caseload After Meeting Minimum Requirements
  • Choice of Counties for Consumer Assignments
  • Competitive Pay Tied to Deliverables Required by DDD
  • Paid Training Including College of Direct Supports & Webinars
  • Bonuses for New Employee Referrals
  • You Are Hired as an Employee, Not an Independent Contractor
  • Travel, Toll, and Office Supply Expense Reimbursements
  • Health, Dental, & Vision Insurance for Full-Time Employees
  • Collaborative Management & Caseload Support

Our staff works as a team to support our consumers and coordinators alike. If you are interested in applying for a position with us, please visit the Become a Support Coordinator section of our website for more information.

Staff Testimonials

"It took most of my adult life to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. After too many years to count, I finally found it as a Support Coordinator with DS&A. Making a difference counts." -Alycea, Support Coordinator


"I am new to DS&A, and so far it’s been amazing. I feel very supported by the President, Managers, Supervisors, and all the Support Coordinators that work together as a team. To me this shows how a company can be successful and continue to grow." -Chris, Support Coordinator


"My favorite part of this career is when I know that I am helping people move closer to reaching their goals, or even just to fund an activity they enjoy. It's awesome to be able to see your work have a positive impact on someone else's life." -Gabby, Support Coordinator


"The work itself is rewarding. We are surrounded by terrible things in the world all day; working with our consumers makes me feel like I'm making someone else happy." -Tisheka, Support Coordinator


"This career is one of the best things that ever happened to me; it gives shape to my purpose, provides fulfillment of my dreams, and gives hope for the future of many. I have been told by both consumers and colleagues that they are thankful for all that I do, but I find myself humbly thankful for the opportunities to do what I do." -Whitney, Support Coordination Manager

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