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William England, Founder and President of DS&A, began his career with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities as a Support Broker & Financial Planner in 2001. Working with families who have children with disabilities, he further served this population as a Support Broker with 23 consumers in DDD’s Self-Determination Initiative, the first attempt at individualized budgeting and privatized case management. Mr. England supported a variety of consumers including those with traumatic brain injury and severe medical and behavioral challenges. In 2013, DS&A became one of the first licensed Support Coordination Agencies in the new Fee-for-Service System which has grown into one of the largest state-wide agencies.   


Dan Altschuler, Information Technology Manager

Marina Gurlke, Human Resources Coordinator

Laura Shelly, Administration Manager

Support Coordination Managers

Darlene Altschuler, Southern Region

Keith Galley, Southern Region

Whitney Kammerer, Northeast Region 

Alycea Tetto, Northwest & Central Region

Support Coordination Supervisors

Sylina James

Taniea Myles

Jared Ross

Bill Sellar

Monitoring Tool Approvers

Liz Barreiro, Northern

Karen DeLucia, Southern

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