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Support Coordination

Disability Services & Advocacy is an approved Support Coordination Agency by the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities. Our dedicated Support Coordinators look forward to working with new assignments and existing consumers. With the consumer, their family, and circle of supports the Support Coordinator develops the NJ Individualized Service Plan & Person Centered Planning Tool that reflects who the person is and how best to support them. The plan will also identify the services that will be purchased through the state-funded budget to support them. While the Support Coordinator authors the plan, the plan does not move forward until signed by the consumer and or their guardian. The signed plan is then submitted to a Support Coordination Supervisor of the agency for final approval. Upon approval, the plan authorizes services to begin and service providers to bill for the supports delivered. 

Support Coordinators assist individuals with accessing services from:

  • Natural supports offered within the local community
  • Appropriate services offered through other state agencies
  • DDD-funded programs and services

Support Coordinators also assist the individual in revising their service plan including:

  • Ending services that are no longer useful 
  • Changing service providers if the service is not satisfactory
  • Adding new services to meet identified wants and needs

Support Coordinators conduct DDD required monthly monitoring either by phone, face-to-face visits, or home visits to:

  • Ensure the individual is receiving the services authorized in the Individualized Service Plan
  • Ensure the services continue to meet the individual’s needs
  • Provide follow up as needed
  • Check in on the individual’s health and safety 
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